Sep 16, 2020 • 31M

VIII. Alex Walmsley and the Kitchen Bees

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Run by the Guelph Tool Library. Talking to friends and foes alike on the sharing economy, tiny homes, and zero-waste maximalism.
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Today I talk to Alex, who ran Kitchen Bees this summer, a program at the Church of the Apostles focused on providing meals to members of the Guelph community.

Talking to people like Alex is one of my favourite parts of running a podcast like this. I love to hear about the amount of good that can come from one or two community members, and how that goodness becomes infectious and spreads. A single, spontaneous day of trying to save some food from going bad turned into a summer long program that supplied hundreds of meals. And it’s not even done yet!

The idea of Kitchen Bees sprang into existence when COVID hit, and suddenly every restaurant in town had food to spare and nothing to do with it. What seemed like, and could have definitely been, literally tonnes of food was slowly going bad in a warehouse and somebody had to do something about it. Many somebody’s did. We were not the only organization frantically picking up as much corn as we could carry that first week of quarantine. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, so reinforcements were called in, and a new program was created through the partnership of a handful of community organizations and some good samaritans who can make a mean sandwich.

To learn more about Kitchen Bees, click here.