Aug 10, 2020 • 42M

VII. Camp Lovesick and the 20 Day Bus Build

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Run by the Guelph Tool Library. Talking to friends and foes alike on the sharing economy, tiny homes, and zero-waste maximalism.
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Today’s episode is upbeat and has been a ton of fun to record and relisten to. Em and Jane of Camp Lovesick were a joy to talk to, and a big inspiration of mine!

Camp Lovesick was introduced to me last summer when I started working for the GTL. My boss told me of these two members we had that were renovating a bus. Which is already pretty cool by anyone’s standards. But to me, the coolest part was that they had never done it before. It blew my mind. There were people out there with little to no building experience, like me? Who were out following their dreams anyways? Not rationalizing the lack of skill or resources as a glaring rain storm out to ruin some parade, but as just an average hurdle to get over.

I was floored. If you’ve ever watched bus renovation videos, you’ll notice a trend in them. It’s very often a straight couple and their dog, looking for a freer way of life. Which is totally fine. But when I’m looking for a build that looks doable to inspire me, it doesn’t always help to see a very strong looking grown man with years of contracting experience almost singlehandedly design and build a bus. Sometimes it does, since usually they know what they’re doing. But sometimes, they know a little too much, or they’re a little too experienced, and it can be alienating. For me, it started to feel like maybe people like me didn’t do things like this. So when I heard about Camp Lovesick, it started to feel like the playing field was a little more level, and I wasn’t as crazy as I thought.

And they’ve gone even farther! It’s one thing to roll up your sleeves and build a bus because that’s what needs to be done. It’s completely different to not only build the bus, but build it in 20 days, and enjoy it so much that they started a new camper building business with their new skills. That is incredibly impressive, and you should tune in and listen to them talk about it.

If you’re interested in learning more about living in a bus, renovating a camper (or anything), or if you want to get to know Camp Lovesick a little better, check out their website here, their youtube here, or their instagram @camplovesick

And if you’re in the market for a camper, check out theirs!